Touching Your Skin Was Like Touching Fire

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I had the strangest dream last night. My mom and I had gone back in time to 1880's Russia, and my worst fear was true-there was censorship. We went to a small bookstore in a train station, and in vain I looked for books, yet all were horrible, abridged, and sterile. Mainly they were old and worn children's picture books. After plundering what little I could find, we left for outside, and a strange idea occured to me. "Dostoevsky lived then, he read books that were banned, let's find him!" So, we went to an opera house to find Dostoevsky (don't ask me why). We went into a theater, much like a modern theater in fact, and the lights dimmed, and suddenly the lights dimmed, and everyone started dancing. Now, this is the part that begins to get strange.

Often in my dreams, I'll be two people at once, half a person, one person, or no person, and this changes a lot throughout the dream. Now, all of a sudden I was a guy dancing with this girl, and all of a sudden I started chocking. And then I collapsed and everyone thought I was dead, but I really wasn't. So, this reocurring character I have, my muse, comes up and recusitates me (I spelled that wrong, didn't I?). So, then I wake up and proceed to just barf my guts out, quite unpleasent because in the dream I could taste it. Then he makes the sign of the cross on my forehead, like priests do when they baptize you, and said a prayer over me in some weird language. Of course, everyone was clapping their hands and very excited that I lived.

Then the setting changed, and I was alone with my muse (I was still the same guy, though) and I was lying on this couch, very tired. Because I had almost died. But then my muse comes up to me, and says:

"Touching your skin was like touching fire."

...Then this is where my dream goes into X rating territory.

God, my dreams are weird.


My granddad came over this Thanksgiving (which was spent with a lot of church people), and I came out to him. He of course didn't care in the least, and said this didn't change anything and he'd love me always. I knew he would though, he's a very open minded kind of guy. It was very funny though how I came out. We were sitting on the couch with my sister and he said, "So, you've got a boyfriend yet?" and I started giggling and he said, "What, are you after one of those Catholic school girls?" And then my laughter redoubled. So, I had to tell him then and there!

We always have a nice time with each other though-he's my favourite granddad^-^.

I've also started up an experiment in blogging: The State I Am In. In it, I've created an entirely fictional personality called Andrew Loyd. It's very funny. Hopefully people like it.

(LOL, I already got a poor Inkblot going "What is this?")

Also, I've updated my screenplay with about five or six pages of new stuff: Screenplay. Thanks to everyone who's commented so far. I'm also working on this really difficult long scene right now, so hopefully I'll get that done soon.

Anyways, this has been a Sam ramble. Au revoir!



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Heh heh

I get it now.... that's bloody brilliant! I might try it if you don't mind.

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Thanks! And go ahead, I don't

Thanks! And go ahead, I don't mind:)


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