Triple Funeral

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My uncle died last night when I was out partying with
T and then I got news this morning a friend from high
school died and then I am afraid its going to be
a triple funeral because I have to go home and I
am not sure I am going to be o.k. because I may kill someone
or myself to get away from the crazy people. I am
so sick and tried of being called home again and again
and I am tried of being called back because of death.
So I am well aware that nothing last forever but really
is there any point in going home when I am not ready to yet?
I am happy here at least semi happy and will be leaving
next summer. I am going and thats all that anyone
needs to know. I don't want anyone getting attached
me and T talked last night and I found out that she
is lesbian. Not bi she doesn't like guys at all she was
like I kind of
knew what she was talking about but I think I can
like guys and girls I just like who I like and thats
all that matters and I let her know that. Then we went out
and partied. And I was out partying when someone who was
cared about me died. My uncle didn't care that I liked who I liked
and know he is dead and its going to be hard to go
home and see him dead. I am nbot sure if I can handle
it and I am not feeling good I wish he was still alive


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I'm sorry....I hope no one e

I'm sorry....I hope no one else dies.

Some women can't say the word lesbian... even when their mouth is full of one.
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