Two Things: Harry Potter & GETTING PUBLISHED!!!!

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Okay, first, went to see Harry Potter 4 today and was completelt blown away. I sat there for 2 1/2 hours just with my eyes glued to the screen. It was by far the greatest of all of them I personally have to say. Emma Watson was so adorable in that movie! Especially the ballroom scene with that dress, OMG, I literally like fidgeted in my seat and had to get my breathing back in order. And Voldemort is officially the new Darth Vader. He was the coolest bad guy there ever was.

AND just got a letter today from the League of American Poets. (Whoever the hell they are.) And they told me that the poem I sent in is going to be published in one of their books. Cooooool. I posted it on here too. It's my Oct. 31st journal entitled "What Could Never Be" if you want to read it.

But that's basically all that happened today.


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I saw Harry today too and enjoyed myself immensely. I'll be off in my own little world for the rest of the day. :) I agree with you on Emma Watson.

Congratulations on being published. :)

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lol i just got back from HP .

lol i just got back from HP . I can't believe I'm saying this (because I normally wouldn't) but Emma was...i dont know how to describe it but her dress (even with the frills) showed off her body nicely.

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Congradulations on getting yo

Congradulations on getting your poem published!

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Be careful...

There are a lot of poetry publishing scams. Basically, if you can't order the book on Amazon, it's likely to not be a "real" book, but what they do is put a TON of poems in a huge anthology, and make all their money by selling the copies to all the published poets inside the book, instead of actual customers.