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Well, this is my first post and the first thing I have decided to discuss is one of the main things that keep me here on this Earth, and that is none other than MUSIC! It is my life. I listen to all types of music: emo, indie rock, metal, some rap, some hip-hop, hardcore, punk, country, christian, reggae, calypso, blues, jazz, swing (I first learned how to swing dance in second grade and I have loved it ever since), some classical (my good friend plays the violin), and even some opera (my cousin is in school for singing opera, she's amazing). So yeah, I have a WIDE variety of music that I love, and without it all, I don't think I would be here today.
The next thing that I will tell you all is about wonderful, odd, giggly, bubbly, depressed, angry, friendly, interesting me! I am all of those things during the course of a day. I am especially giggly on good days. And of course on Friday nights when I go to the local Coffee Shop to hang out with my friends. I don't really drink coffee, but they have amazing Smoothies and Chai, and they have great concerts on weekends of local bands from all over the NorthEastern part of the state. I hang out with my friends a lot and they are another one of the things that keep me going. I am on the Speech and Debate team at my school (Yeah, I know, it seems nerdy, but some kid from another school has a freakin mowhawk, ya call that nerdy?) I am also in Drama and all that stuff. I have quite a bit of stage fright that I am trying to get over, but it's pretty fun though.
Hum... What else to talk about...? I am 15 (gonna be 16 in February) and I am a sophmore in high school. Here is my story of me being Bisexual:
In 6th grade, I was quite the homophobe, even though I had had thoughts about being attracted to girls back before then. In 8th grade, I talked to a bi friend about my feelings on the subject. I told her that I thought I was bi and she helped me a lot. New Year's Eve of my freshman year (2004/2005) I told my friends at my get-together that I was bisexual. Since then I have been getting more open every day. I finally got my first girlfriend and we have been together for almost 3 months. I am finally mostly satisfied with my life now that I have a glimpse of who I really am.
Yep, that's about all I have to say at the moment. I will post back again eventually.
Hugs to all.
Annie Rose
Dark Roses


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glad youre lifes going good ^_^

WOW we have so much in common!!!!!!!!! i *heart* you lol! (not literaly tho) =P the music part i listen to punk, hardcore, metal-core, screamo, and heavy metal! yay! and thats what keeps me on the erath also i play bass guitar (a BC rich warlock model, i know hot eh?) anyways *cough cough*where was i? o nvm c ya lol!

"A way of peace
Through an act of war."

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I really enjoy music, too.

I really enjoy music, too.