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....Never a participant. I'm always in the background, wishing, waiting, praying for that one chance to see her, talk to her. I'm graced with her presence for an hour and a half every weekday in drama class, but still, my heart is not satiated. Every time we change classes, I glance behind me, praying I see her when she's at her locker. She has a boyfriend I know, but a heart can dream. I find myself wishing a terrible thing. I wish her boyfriend would break up with her, so I could be with her. I watch her laugh and talk to her friends during lunch, thanking whoever's up there that I can at least see her a little bit. I'll walk down the hall, and like the gracious creature she is, she'll occasionally nod and smile to me; my soul flies and my heart sings. She noticed me and saw me. But alas, I know it can never be. She a prep, a princess, a goddess, whichever fitting adjective you choose; myself, a goth/punk/whatever, a knave, a mere mortal, dirt, scum, whatever description, I am not good or pure enough to divine her presence.


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wow thats how i feel about my

wow thats how i feel about my situation!

Her-religious, smart, always does her homework, good girl, quiet and preppy(but not over preppy...kinda alternative)
Me-not religous, smart but I don't show it, rarely do my homework, skip-school, potleaf necklace wearing, foul-mouthed punk girl.

The only thing we have in common is that we are both poor-ish (at least thats what my friend said about her...she went to her elemtary school so i guess she would know) and we don't really have many friends in our classes. I feel like worthless blood spattered dirt when I'm around her--shes like seriously angelic


*Hopelessly, I'll love you endlessly*