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Wow. What hectic craziness. But not really, compared to most people's lives I suppose.
On Friday night I went to a school dance for the first time ever, and it was ok. They of course played bad pop all night, but we danced anyway. And there was this amazing girl, a gorgeous, graceful, fun and friendly lesbian/bi (not sure which) punk rocker. She was moshing and jumping around like she was at a punk show or something, to all the pop music, except when she ran to the bathroom with her hands over her ears when a REALLY bad song would come on.
Then I ran into this friend of mine who I haven't seen for AGES and I ended up spending the night at her house, fun fun.
Next day we all went into town together, wandered around making trouble, drinking lots of caffeine, yummy!
So she ended up spending the night at my house, we just hung out andtalked as we were knackered from the previous night.
Sunday, we woke up and ate, brought my friend home, and then headed into town for a study group thing I've been doing, it was the last one I can go to as I start work training on Friday which means I will be moving ASAP. I'm terribly sad, what will I do not seeing my friends for months?! I've been a bit depressed since yesterday afternoon, but I'll deal. And it was a very good last meeting, we went to my friend's apartment and watched a movie about Argentina.

Good news is I'm going to be in a punk band when I get back in the spring, I'll be vocals/electric violin, my friend Ash is Vocals/Bass, her friend is electric guitar/vocals, and another friend is trumpet/vocals. We're all going to write songs and music, and Ash is doing drums on the computer, some technology I haven't bothered to figure out yet. Oh, and I get to do all the screamy parts cause the others are all quiet depressed type people, and I'm the loud one, lol. And I'll eventually have album cover art to do, when we put out a CD. We are called 'Socially Inept', such a cliche name, I know, but Ash won't be talked out of it.
I'm sooo not socially inept, I love ppl, but once again that makes me the odd one out in the group, lol.

I was also supposed to go to the midnight release of the new Harry Potter movie on Friday but didn't get tickets in time, dammit. I'm going soon though I hope.

So, that was my (un)eventful weekend, lol.

Oh yeah, another thing, I finally found another Michelle Tea book, and it is making me want to be in San Francisco more than ever! Ack, I am making my family take me there next spring/summer. It's my new goal, to hell with NYC.