What have been happening since I created this account

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A couple of weeks ago my best buddy Marc and I decided to ditch our studies at the stack for Delmonica's our local bar. Weekend just had to come earlier on that day. It had been very peaceful until Marc decided to grab a handful of rubbers from the bathroom and tossed a few at me. My only defense was either a pint of beer or a placemat. I chose neither, I caught a couple and tossed them back at him.

Then we shared a copy of Economist, my best budd kept making irrelavant joke and comments to the articles we were suppposed to read. We decided to walk over to the Clone Zone for other magazines. We'd been trying to find an excuse to go over there for sometimes, we kept shouting at each other and tried to justified reason why the other person should stay. Marc finally grabed the his cell and wallet and ran. I paged him "Jerk!!!!". One of boys behind just screamed out "you haven't got a lot to miss out.". I nervously smiled at him and told him "totally"

Bar was bit busier when Marc came back, we moved down the stairs. Lo and Behold my as was drinking buddy Davy was there to greet Marc. I introduced them. While Marc was getting us getting us some more drinks Dave was telling about his crush on Marc. Davy is kinda kewl, but he's a bit of a sleaze. I guess we all are, I was cautious. I would really hate to see anyone hurt my buddy. Marc did his own talk when he came back and I could see there weren't any chemistry between them but they exchanged email addresses anyway.

I went out for lunch and to the Modern Art Gallery on with my boyfriend KennyD on Sunday. We already tired from the past week and from Friday evening and Saturday. We didn't really speak, then we went to see Constant Gardener . Hung out for a bit then head home.

Marc went to see Rick Ashley concert with his mother on Wednesday. We met up in Merchant and headed to the Tunnel. Marc was practically my chaparone for KennyD. One of the girls had been eyeing us for the whole night, she finally walked up flirted with both of us. We felt really uncomfortable after a while, then she asked both of us to snogg her. We didn't say anythings; just walked away. We walked home and when to Subway Meat Balls and Cheese a salad.

Kenny came around on Thursday to take me out to see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I stayed in on Friday night, studied on Saturday morning and went up to see my grandfather in the afternoon, when to Church with him on Sunday. I was less than spiritual because I couldn't sleep the night before. Grandpa woke me up this morning and finally make it to school.


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glasgow is the best city!

glasgow is the best city!

+ if i cant be a good example ill just have to be a horrible warning +

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**