What the *Fuck* have I gotten myself into?

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Okay, was just on myspace, and through a fairly long process, I *finally* found the site of the girl I have a mad crush on. Good God, she's possibly the most preppy girl I've ever seen. She could be the stereotype, no the archetype for preps. I mean she already looks like a prep, blonde hair, green eyes, dimples, cute laugh...okay, now I'm just sitting here drooling. But I mean, she totally acts like one too. Well, I shouldn't say prep and I'm not trying to label her, but my lord. She's seriously who I'd go to if someone asked me to define prep. And somehow, that just adds more to her appeal. She's completely against my type entirely. Not to mention we'd literally be Night and Day.

Me: Anti-prep, black tipped hair, hardly ever wear makeup, scruffy apearance, normally unkempt looking, am rather smart but make terrible grades, swears, often encourage the use of flame-throwers(don't ask) and other harmful objects, have often threatened to riot and/or kill someone, passionately loyal about everything.

Her: Extreme prep, cheerleader, blonde hair, always has perfect makeup, nice clothes, doesn't swear, Christian, 3.9 GPA, has a boyfriend, doesn't really encourage violence in any way, shape, or form, although she did passionately agree to riot with us (myself and my friend Logan) if Mz B got fired.

Can you see what I'm getting at? This has begun to boggle my brain the more I think about it. But the more I try to drag myself away, the more attracted I become. It's like every single day she does something that makes me fall more in love with her. Like today, we did our soliloquys for Drama and I went first. Apparently I did fairly well, because it was either Logan or Lesley to go next, and Lesley starts shaking her head really fast so her hair kind of got in her face a little bit. It was all I could do not to run over there and push out of her face and just hold her face and look into her eyes and...okay, starting to drool again. Anywho, can anyone tell me where this came from? It's driving me bonkers, insane, nutso, wacko, three fries short of a happy meal, bats in the belfry, out of my mind, not in possession of all my faculties, absolutely CRAZY!!!!!

Also, if anyone has myspace, could they please tell me how to improve their profile? All I've got is the crappy basic stuff.




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opposites attract?

opposites attract?

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LOL, it's fun to like someone

LOL, it's fun to like someone different from you! I have a crush on this girl who looks totally opposite me, is way more outgoing, kind of punk and tom-boyish, and carries around a guitar case...*drool*.

Me, I'm a short blonde haired blue eyed girl who likes to talk about politics and quantum physics, and cries when reading poetry.

We can never know what makes our love life tick:)


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