who here has crappy gaydar?

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okay so was just wondering if anyone out there like me has no clue about whose gay, u know some people can tell but I can't at all as far as I know everyone is straight.

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Me too!

I don't have anything like a gaydar (and i think that it's just one of those myths), but the really important thig is that you don't need one to find someone. I know it's hard, but thats the way it is.

(why is EVERYTHING i write so pessimistic?)

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I used to

I used to think I had pretty good gaydar..then I realized it was just optimism.

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Well I could tell when I was straight if people were gay, but now I look at everyone with no certainty. So I can totally develop this eventually right guys?

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u kno...i always thought mine

u kno...i always thought mine never worked but recently i've been getting my guesses right lol

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Mine is def. not working.. Be

Mine is def. not working.. Because i have NO sense of who's gay i just assume everyone is straight so no matter what im S.O.L. unless someone starts the flirting and tells me they are gay haha.. I know exactly what you mean.


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No idea

I don't know. I beleive my gaydar is right, but I have no way of knowing because no one here ever comes out!

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uh me i so do my gaydar is so out of wack it ant even funny its more a straightdar

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Sort of

My gaydar can help me seek out boys who'd be attractive to boys...just not ones who are attracted to them ;D

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Yeah my gaydar definetly suck

Yeah my gaydar definetly sucks.

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mine kiks ass ------------

mine kiks ass

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mine is running on energizer it just keeps going and going and..

but theres still a few unsolved mysteries mhuhahaha

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yea...i think i need my gayda

yea...i think i need my gaydar repaired--as far as i know everyones straight..(lol) kinda pathetic


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Good News / Bad News

Unless the prey is obviously swish for a male or extremely butch for a girl there are no distinctions between gays and straights. That's the good news. The bad news is that finding someone of similar sexual orientation is difficult unless both of you frequent places where the majority of the clientèle are of the same persuasion.


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mine sucks too

Mine is working well eitheir, its more of who I wish was gay

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Gosh, I'm the same way. It

Gosh, I'm the same way.

It's utterly amazing when actually being gay and me wanting them to be gay overlap, but that doesn't happen very often.

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All I seem to be able to pick

All I seem to be able to pick out, and almost always they are, are bi and bi-curious people.

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I have only had my gay-dar wo

I have only had my gay-dar work, like twice

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My gaydar is the same as "rai

My gaydar is the same as "raining men"'s....I'm not really sure if it works or not. I've never had it proven right or wrong. I hope it's right though:-)


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Can't Tell...

I can't tell. I never take the time to find out if it works. But from what I have found out, it kind of leads to the "It doesn't work" side.

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Not only do I have fantastic

Not only do I have fantastic gaydar, but every closeted gay guy I have ever known has come out to me...and often ONLY me.


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but if they were closeted, an

but if they were closeted, and didnt tell you, then you would never know.

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hey, bragging isn't nice hon.

hey, bragging isn't nice hon. Kudos for you and your gaydar skillz, but then throwing it in our faces isn't cute at all.

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every time i think someone is

every time i think someone is gay its always a feminine man. like this dude who runs a dancewear store downtown, but he actually is gay, i found that out several months after i met him.

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i have shitty gaydar "Wh

i have shitty gaydar

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I don’t have gaydar, but su

I don’t have gaydar, but surprisingly my strait best friend does. She knew I was a lesbian before I came out to her, and whenever she thinks someone is gay she’s usually right.

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Bad gaydar

I have super sucktacular gaydar. You have to be majorly flambouyant before I will notice.

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I have awful Gaydar. My friend who I've known since 6th grade is flamboyantly gay, but it took me over 5 years to figure it out, and I wasn't even sure about my guess until he came out to me.
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me, i cant decide who is or i

me, i cant decide who is or isnt at all lol, my gaydar suks, but my best m8 has an auwsome one, aint that righ DA

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This kinda gets me, it was be

This kinda gets me, it was better when I was in the closet. It used to be great, now it's completely down the toilet.

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I feel sorry for you guys. I have awesome gaydar. It occassionally pinpoints someone that is straight, not gay, but for the most part it is right on the dot.

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oh how it sucks to have ABSOLUTLY no gaydar

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I'm still experiencing that n

I'm still experiencing that newly-out-of-the-closet thing where you want EVERYONE to be gay, usually caused by A)wanting everyone to see how fun it is, or B)wanting people to commiserate with. :)

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I guess my gayger-counter is okay, but i don't really have the chance to use it.