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I keep saying i'm bi. My close friends believe i'm bi. That's what I have come to except adn I was cool with that. But as I keep thinking about it, i don't really have any attraction to guys anymore. And, well, I think i'm gay and i'm just afraid to admit it. I know the hardship that will come with being gay, and I think that's why i'm scared to admit it, and why I just say i'm bi, so there is some straightness in me. But as I keep thinking, I don't think it's true. I'm gay....
realization kicks in.. any advice?...
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i kno exactly what you mean.a

i kno exactly what you mean.and there's really nothing you can do.just waittil the time is right and you're fully accepting of yourself then start coming out as gay.

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I went through that a few yea

I went through that a few years ago, but don't stres over it-just let it sit for a while, and the answer will come, and it will click with who you truly are. Now I truly accept the fact that I'm gay, and am pretty happy with it:).


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As a bisexual

My preference sometimes shifts.
I don't bounce between gay and strait, I stay bi altough my primary intrests might change.
Sometimes I think about being surounded by guys. Sometimes I can only seem to think about girls. Other times it may be both.


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I am dealing with the same sort of thing. Guys have seem to lost all of their appeal for anything other than friends. But girls, theres a mystery about them... Yeah its confusing, my advice would be just to take it day by day and not to worry too much about labeling yourself.