Wonderful...not only do I like my best friend...I'm dreaming about her, too!

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This weekend has been really long. I don't particularly feel like sleeping now. I can't close my eyes without dreaming about my best friend. While it's not anything graphic, it still bothers me. She is going through a breakup with her boyfriend and I highly doubt I stand any sort of chance but at least I know she's bi. It drives me crazy to see him near her because I get over protective and I want to punch his lights out...the guy is an idiot! But that's beside the point. Friday night, I dreamt that she asked me out (If that happens, I will definitely think there is justice left in this world) then Saturday was a bit more of a physical dream. It bothers me because I see her everyday and it gets hard to be her friend. Dreaming about her is probably all I am going to get and that in itself is a torture...a sweet one, but a torture nonetheless. *sighs* How pathetic do I sound? Well, I've told my friends that they act swoony when they have crushes so I guess what goes around comes around. I just wish these damn dreams would stop!


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don't feel bad, i get dreams

don't feel bad, i get dreams like that too, and it's always just little things, like her holding my hand, or putting her arm around me, or something like that... sweet, but definately torture. the other morning i woke up thinking it had actually happened.

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