Worked sucked today :(

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Work so totally sucked today. Not because I was put with the cute freshman boy that I have the hots for, or because of the fact that he kept doing the hottest things, like pretending to jerk off and cum via a spatula with lots of frosting on it. Or the time where he put his hand on my chest gaily. Or even the fact that he kept hitting my ass over and over and over and over again with a rag. No not even the fact that he asked me personal sexual questions made it a bad work day.
What really topped the cake was how I found out that it was all a scheme to figure out whether I was gay or not. With the added bonus of him trying to figure out just how far he could go until my buttons were being fully pushed.
Then there was the fact that he continuously didn’t do his job, making mine harder.
I feel so used and pathetic. I thought I liked him. Now I know he doesn’t even care about me. I’m just someone to figure out then dish a bunch of crap on.
I just need some time to rest and recuperate from the disaster of this morning and afternoon. But I don’t even think I am granted that. There is someone’s yard I need to rake. I’ve got a whole assignment to do for my computer class, and an assignment in that class is actually three of four in one big cluster. I’ve got a bunch of crap I need to do, and I feel like crap to top it off.
I’ve got to try and get it done though, and its not helping that I’m dwelling on this. I’ve gotta go.