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I haven't been on for awhile so those people who needed help, I'm sorry for brushing you off and whining about stupid stuff but my mother is driving me crazy. I brought up Camp Ten Trees in front of my mom's boyfriend and so he asked my mom what it was about. Anyway, she told him it was a place for people who want to be something other than straight and I almost punched her. ARGH!!! I can't believe she's in such denial!


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That is so awful, how could your mother do that? As if being gay is a choice! Has confronting her helped at all?

If my mom did that, I would probably burst into a hysterical speech on the spot...


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confronting a mom thats like that is in no way easy. my mom is pretty much the same way... and omfg u wanna hurt her but i mean its my mom and she will ususaly just make it worse for me and tear me up if i confront her... thats what mine did. ^^ but i hope yours wont =P just cuz my mom did that doesnt mean your parent(s) will =) u never know...

I want a hug :(

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Woah... that's not nice. I co

Woah... that's not nice. I could almost imagine my mom say that and I'd probably go crazy. Yes... your mom thinks it's a choice, such ignorance =(. I hope she understands more about you and gays soon.

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that sux

that sucks ... sounds like something my mom would say... i know its really hard to deal with it ><

I want a hug :(