You have to read this !!!!!!

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This one time i was at my house ,
and there was this drop dead sexy guy
there..You cant even imagen how
hot he is.Any who me and my cousin
started to call him gay...(Keep in mind he is straight)
So we continued to call him gay . So
after a while of that he came
up to me with his shirt off.
Man was i excited,well then he started
to pull me out of the chair and he did..
He pushed me onto the floor .
Then he layed on me!!!Next he
started to unbutton his pants.
he didnt though.I was mad. I have saw
a picture of him naked man that was
nice if you know what i mean .
That was the best night in my life.
My mom and his mom are friends
so we go to his house some times
and he is home.His name even sounds hot
it is J.D. Dont it.I have to go...
If you have a story you should tell me about it..


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lol that was so random

I'd never lie to you
Unless I had to, I'll do what I got to
The you could slit my throat
And with my one last gasping breath
I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt - Tbs