you're friend the poet looks like a cancer patient

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she says she's going crazy, but can't give us directions. i smiled at you, asked if you could see. I got out my notebook to make grammatical corrections. I'm wierd like that. Haven't seen cancer-girl, so maybe not quite to crazy. but we could carpool on the way, save the earth. does she drive? I could sit where you have sat before...damn you just walked out with her, i better stay and watch the door. A preteen boy gets up to read poetry, then i hear her voice, don't believe what you first see, 12 yr old boy is 20-something she. poem read with fake southern accent, back and forth from hot and almost dirty to history, maybe 17- to 1830s? later on, you and cancer-girl come back then leave again, wanted to ask yr name before the end, someone said it might be Becky. it's a nice name but it doesn't really fit you, something more like 'Ace' would do. sometimes i think i have ADHD, cause now i notice some one new. i've seen her around town, definitely picked her out of the crowd. such cool hair, nice glasses pretty face, stylish in a tomboy way. now a silly ending to an almost crazy day, 'you're name escapes me but I love you!' says the red head as she walks away. and i was introduced to noticed beauty number two. 'goodnight' I smile. 'it was nice to meet you!'


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So this was random and scattered, but I liked it.

And I also like your username. That word describes a great portion of my own writing.

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That was great, I too loved t

That was great, I too loved the scattered style:).


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thank you

I feel so welcomed, of to a good start here at Oasis!