ALEX PARKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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who hear has listened to alex parks? she's a british, lesbian singer who won fame academy (similar to american idol and she won first place!!!) anyways, i downloaded all of her music videos! i cant stop watching 'maybe thats what it takes'. shes so SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when she walks down the hallway singin and just the way she walks and her mouth and her lips and her hair and her eyes. i also love 'looking for water' because its new and fresh. 'cry' is amazing. its the first video i saw of her, and i was hooked. she just so hot and has the nicest voice ever!.
yes, im offically obsessed with alex parks.
did you know she has a new cd out called 'honesty'.
since i live in usa, i have to get it shipped over here.
has anyone heard of this sexy amazing artist?!?!
shes all mine!

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omg!! i think she's gorgeous!

omg!! i think she's gorgeous! none of my friends has ever heard of her, but your so right...her hair and lips and eyes and...everything! i really want her CD but i cant find it anywhere.

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I've got her new album, it's

I've got her new album, it's really good! I especially like number 2, 'out of touch'. She's soooo hawt. her hair, her eyes.. Here in the UK she's pretty popular. xD

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is there a website that you a

is there a website that you are watching all of this on? i am intrigued...

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i LOVE alex parks, i got both

i LOVE alex parks, i got both her albums when they came out. i live in the uk so i remember her from fame academy. shes really hot and a great singer too. although she was quite mainstream at first shes kind of now though of just as 'that lesbian singer' which kind of sucks. my friends really dont like her so i piss them off by drooling over her. lol.

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yeah i love alex. ople say

yeah i love alex.
ople say love is blind, then isnt it blind for gender as well?

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It's weird ya know...

I love her music and she's cute and all but.....SHES GOT MY SISTERS NAME! EWWWW!!! Is it weird?

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Alex parks!!!

ALEX IS THE DEFINITION OF SEX!!! those eyes and those lips and everything about her just makes her such a beautiful woman!! and her voice when she sings it just makes me shiver. iv downloaded loads of interviews shes done and she has the cutest accent(im irish so its a novalty!!) and the nicest smile! she seems like a really down to earth girl + she gets major points for playing on our team!! i think if i ever met her i would just wet myself to be standing infront of someone that beautiful and talented! I cannot think of a woman i would more like to have as my girlfriend(apart from my actual girlfriend hehe)! she is just sex!
alex if you ever read this you are my godessssss!!!!

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Yeah she's quite the eye candy

I havent heard her music but i definetly used to have her picture plastered all over the background of my Myspace profile. lol She is pretty effing hott, if i do say so myself.

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She is britain's chief lesbian icon at the moment. Just in case you really wanted to know that. I doubt it. The things i say are rarely interesting. In fact they never are. Why did I make this comment?

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