Another drunken night

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Confused is the best way to describe me right now. Confused as to how I got to bed last night, confused as to why "Hertfordshire gay clubs" was on my taskbar when I woke up this morning and confused as to why I had 'I Love Rock N Roll' by Britney Spears in my iTunes Purchased folder. But what confused me the most was how my clothes ended up in my back garden. Jeans, underwear, top, jacket - everything. Well, except one sock which was inside under the Christmas tree.

Yes, this is the result of drinking for 10 and a half hours. It started off at our Christmas dinner...where I danced and sang Buttercup Baby to a teacher who I don't even know. So that finished at 3pm, and then we went to the pub. Where I drank some ridiculous number of pints. We then went to another pub. And another. And then we went to an off licence and bought some more beers. And then we went and drank them. And then I stumbled home.

I then proceeded to drink MORE - gin and tonic to be precise. I then downloaded some dance tunes and danced around in front of my computer, and apparently looked up gay clubs in my town on the Internet, and then left it there on the screen for my mum to see in the morning. She didn't see it apparently. Whew.

Having just spoken to my mum at the time of writing she cannot shed light on anything that happened last night, apparently I didn't wake her up. She has no idea why my clothes were outside, or how I got to bed. In some ways that confuses me more, in other ways it's a good feeling of relief. It means I didn't do something catastrophically embarassing like wake up the neighborhood, screaming or anything like that.

I guess in my completely logical drunk mind, which is of course a mind that is completely illogical, I was thinking 'oh I have wet clothes on from the rain, duh, I need to get them off before I go to bed. I'll do it now.'

I don't think I've ever been this drunk and for me to say that is quite a feat.

Twas a great night though :)


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Live your life to its fullest

Live your life to its fullest!

Looks like sombody is starting December with a jolly holiday. I got so drunk one time that I kept running into walls an fell down some stairs.

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lol, you know its been a good

lol, you know its been a good night when you have n idea how you got wherever you are...or where your clothes are!

+ if i cant be a good example ill just have to be a horrible warning +

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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I'm worried for you, man! It

I'm worried for you, man! It sounds like you had alcohol posioning:(. Respect your precious liver!


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