Another Ten Problems Barralai has with Oasis!

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Some of you may be fans of my lists, some of you are probably to new to here to know what i am talking about. But I ramble... Lets get to the details... their really isnt a paticular order... i dunno i make up as i go along....

1. The Smell, some deorderant wouldn't kill ya ppl!
2. the X-Ratedness, Now i am probably one of the most liberial people you will ever meet, but i think everyone has standards, maybe not? I know my sig is not necesarrily "slowing down" this what ever you call it. but still I think that a sseprate forum for for X-Rated topics is sapproite, atleast s maybe ti will get more attention that way... and people can know that we we (me mostly i think an overweklming 95% are virgins, the other 5% Being Adrain, and Jeff... and that one just for I;lnois his name escapes me... Not taht any of you should go out and get laid..... tho its not like your going to get far...
3. Voting--I've raised this issue before... but it deserves a spot on the list cause it still bothers me... is the URl
4. The Forums... Adrain i've been admin of dozens of forums... so i know its easy to edit them, SO here are MY recommendations...
-Gay Forum, Lesb Forum, BI (maybe...), and a Trans forum (not that i am, oh lord no i love my mans parts nad i couldnt live as a women, but its a big issue as trans are definatly the worse off, because they face teh highest Suidcide/Murder rate out of the GLBT community (over 50%) Oh yeah and teh X-rated one.. i think a "Mature Content" is a good label for it, cause i dont want ppll having "Forum-Cyber-Sex"... you know how kids are these days
5. The Food, its sucks, cant be more blunt
6. Support Forum IS FOR TECHINCAL SUPPORT, not Mental Support...
That is the one that drives me crazy.
7. Weight Loss... maybe be better set as a Fitness, or Health Forum., with weight loss just being one of the issues, b/c i know several like me are goign to work on getting fit after the new yr (atleast i am, and by teh sounds of it, some of you should too... not gonna name anyone)
8. Who the hell reads journals anyone? I think some way to get them more attention is good
of course its one of hte longest running issues since i joined oasis (ages ago... i feel so old)
9. The colour scheme... not thats its bad, but i think updating the logo wouldnt hurt, I am how do you say knowledge with Photoshop, not that i've doctored photos or anything... not me
10. This is more a note to Adrian, can you make this a front page thing i dont think my rants get enough attention i think i raised some valid questions/issues, also how many admins are their, just you and jeff right? Maybe the jr admins wouldnt hurt i know they used to be here but feell out or something, I know its not hard to edit, but just a suggestion

You (The People of this WEbsite) you now have a mission, dont get all 007 on me, but your jobv is to just comment on teh some of the issues i raised here... and give to suggestions/comments stuff like taht, not to hard (except maybe for a few of you),

Thats it :P

PS: Adrain plz make this a header one. i think i mentioned it before but i am to laz to go bacck and look for it

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*cough.. cough*

okey.. where to start..
"Now i am probably one of the most liberial people you will ever meet"

-personally, I think the whole "we need to get the sex into a separate forum" is just downright conservative.
-as for dividing forums on basis of sexual orientation, i think that would ruin the site. its what makes it so great, that oasis doesnt separate.


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Yeah, I agree with you there*

Yeah, I agree with you there*nods head*


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I’m not as clever as Mark Twain,
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You're funny:)

I agree with you, you made some valid points! I think there should be more forums, or at least sub-forums, especially for the discussion forum. And I think there should be made a Technical support forum, and then just a regular support forum, which the technical support forum does seem to be used for. And the mature content one wouldn't be a bad idea either. Maybe like a "sexual advice/discussion" forum, or something like that.

Anyways, peace out, homie \w/.



I’m not as sad as Doestoevsky,
I’m not as clever as Mark Twain,
I’ll only buy a book for the way it looks,
And I'll stick it on the shelf again.
-Belle and Sebastian

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A response

You type like someone who has broken 7 fingers, and that drives me crazy. Not just you. On the Internet in general - people not typing properly. It's like not all 26 letters exist on some people's keyboards.

1. Stupid
2. I agree. There should be a separate place for people to post rude things. The one about the 14 year old wanting to give and receive a blowjob was disgusting, and I certainly don't think other 14 year olds should be exposed to it. And the other one about anal sex hurting. Now, these are real issues which no doubt effect young people and indeed gay people, and it's good that Oasis can be a place for advice on such topics - but atleast if it's in a separate forum people that want to give advice on such things can.
3. As far as I'm concerned Adrian has given a reasonable response to that already, and I really couldn't give a shit either way.
4. Again, I don't really care. I also don't think it's necessary to have a separate forum for each preference.
5. Stupid
6. I moderate on forums where people don't stick to the exact topic of the forum. It can be irritating, but it's also just something one puts up with in life. It's more hassle to move the odd thread which is misplaced than it is to just leave it there.
7. I found this a rather confusing forum subject. It just looks very out of place, probably because it's so specific to one issue whereas the others are much more broad. And furthermore, you wouldn't think on a gay youth magazine site 'Weight Loss' would be an issue so important as to have its own forum.
8. I was surprised actually at how many people left comments on my posts, I didn't expect even 1 comment but I ended up getting several across many of my journal entries. One of the reasons I ended up coming back. New journal entries are displayed on the front page, I don't think a huge amount more can be done.
9. Seems quite a nice logo to me. One of the things I like about the site, and which I've seen mentioned by others elsewhere, is that it's not "obviously" a gay site. I like the relevance of the gay-flag colour scheme in the water, but personally, I'd like an option to not even have that show. My computer is in the hall where people constantly walk past.
10. No comment.

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Um... you know... if you dont

Um... you know... if you dont like this place you could leave... but im sure Adrian trys his best at the admin thing >< give it time im sure things will change. *ahem* i think people are just used to using stuff like ppl lol roflmao, ect. on aim or online games (like me because u have to use... bah i cant spell no point there... those things to save time)
t('.' )z You know... I could watch my Kirby avatar run all day...

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Why a different forum?

I think having the phrase "Oral Sex" in the topic title is a fairly good indicator for those who don't want to look at it. I've never seen an explicit topic which wasn't labelled as such by the poster, so it's really not a problem. If you don't like it, don't look at it, it's not your job to dictate what kind of content is suitable for others - if I'd learnt what oral sex was at the age of 5, I wouldn't have made certain foolish judgements about the value of such acts.

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how about instead of makeing

how about instead of makeing all these new forums, the members take apon ourselves to tag our threads so that people are warned of conent that they may not really want to read. Like the ones that have been around lately about blow jobs and what not put (sex) or (X) after the name of the thread. We shouldn't rely on the admin for everything. He is busy too. If you want something to change, get up an lead by example, don't just whine about it.

(sorry if it sounded mean. It isn't suposed to)

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To a few of you... A. I wa

To a few of you...

A. I wanted/still want their to be some kinds of marking on X-rated stuff, because i worry that ppl (like the 14yr old who wanted a blowjob) will spread to other people that sex is just a "thing", while i am still pretty liberial on the subject i think that sex (atleast your first time, definatly your first time) should be in a sense special, because thats just about one the only things you can never really take back, your virginity. I think non-virgins will agree with me on this.

B. I am not trying to be a comedian, but thanks for the comments :P

C. I've i am probably one of the longest running members that still stays and posts here, so when someone tells/suggests i leave I take a great offense to that, so there

D. As for the Preference Forums, i am neat freak and OCD so that organization would make ME feel better, but again its not in my reach of control :P

E. And lastly (but most important) do not dare to insult my liberial values, or even think that i am the least bit conservative. I am very well educated on the issues that face us today (i watch C-SPAN more than i watch acual TV... its more sad than anything else)

F. From time to time i cant fill up all 10 complaints spots, so i use "filler", just FYI
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Separating forums by orientat

Separating forums by orientation is quite pointless in my opinion? What purpose would this serve? Do lesbians not like reading topics about gay men? Do gay men hate reading topics about bisexuals? No; therefore, there is no problem.

The ONLY thing I think the site needs is a "User Search" function, but I have no idea if that's feasible or if anyone else would like it . . . there are certain people whose posts I like to read regularly, and if I miss a journal entry, it gets annoying trying to find it. Still, it's not absolutely necessary.