Broken glass

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A semi-boring day.

I couldn't sleep last night. I made a stupid mistake at work and then I kept pondering about what people think about my ability to do my job, and if people dislike me. The mistake wasn't really bad or anything, it was just a stupid thing to do. Unfortunately I'm such a perfectionist that if I make a mistake, no matter how small, I feel that I've let myself and others down. Ironically the lack of sleep made me 12 minutes late for work today!

Work was busy, busy, busy. Typically one thing after the other went wrong, that's Saturdays for you. Two tills crashed randomly just at the point where we were really busy. Something at the Pharmacy (which is situated right next to checkouts) smashed and the department smelled like TCP for about an hour. Then something else smashed on the reduced shelf. And then a bottle of wine. At this point I want to force feed the broken glass to the unacceptably clumsy idiots who have some sort of inability to not knock something over. I suppose we all make mistakes - but when you're the one dealing with the mistakes, empathy levels enervate.

Anyway work was over and done with, I intended to leave 12 minutes late, but that became 20.

I kind of wanted to go out tonight, but I soon found all the rushing around during the day caught up with me and I felt really tired. Then once I had a huge dinner (spaghetti bolognese by the way) I had the energy of a flea with no legs. So I IRCed for a bit and watched the X-Factor.

I felt rather emotional at several points throughout the show, all the finalists were really good and had really good reasons to win it. I was happy with the outcome though, as the incredibly hot Shayne Ward won. I mean you'd have to be straight not to want a piece of him.

Finally, I thought I would post my little blog of my normal day, make a cup of tea, have a bath, have a cig and go to bed - work tommorow, and a party afterwards.

I'm shattered ;) (Pun intended)