chapter 7: please comment

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Chapter 7

Joanna woke up and fluttered her eyes open. She felt a soft kiss and pulled Stephanie closer to her and sunk into it. Stephanie jumped up and stretched. Joanna moved to her back and put her hands behind her head and followed the line that traced along Stephanie’s breasts.
“Let’s go swimming


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two thumbs up

ooh added drama with the bf--nice touch

I think you handled the sex scene very well- great job

looking forward to the next chapter

*Love is blind to everything you throw in its path-Race, gender, religious beliefs, and social class are just minor annoyances.*

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looking forward to the next c

looking forward to the next chapter also

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this chapter was by far my fa

this chapter was by far my favorite chapter... well until the last part, lots and lots of drama in this story too, huh? eveyone excepts them but then ofcourse stephanie had to have a boyfriend. i really like this story, waiting on the next chapter. ps: it would be eaiser to post on your stories if i had a link to your story. personally i think it should go on the front page. im sure others would agree with me.