Darkest Friday

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My eyes are killing me. I have been trying to finish off my essays for next. I have been glued to the seat since Tuesday. I have seen very little of my boyfriend despite the fact he is only up stairs during the day and we live only 15 minutes away on foot.

I was trying to get a hold of KennyD all day on Friday. I exhausted all the possible attempts: going up to see him at his office, paging, IM and email. I finally gave, and decided to stick around to do some more works until 8 p.m. to go out to see FlightPlan on my own. I was tired and getting increasing erratic. I was so emotional.

FlightPlan was sold out on Friday, and I couldn't make to the other cinema in time. I walked with head hunged down. I didn't cry over dinner and just fell asleep. I began to wonder this morning, how would I cope being away from him for two weeks in January to testify at my parents' property dispute case. Aunt Jane was right I didn't ask for all this, and I don't deserve to be pull out of school and taken away from my friend - my boyfriend. I don't know whether I should blame my mom or my dad for all the troubles.