Dear Diary - The Door Swings Both Ways + Tried Coming Out To Mom

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Aww! U know that we'll always

Aww! U know that we'll always love you, no matter who you like!

I'm so sorry to hear the phone conversation with your mother! But Irregardless (yes, that IS a word!), I'm very proud of you for telling her! I can't imagine myself telling my mum at the age of 14... You are such a brave boy, and you should feel proud too!

Don't let anyone else's voice break your confidence, even if that person is your mother. You have to learn that, by her denying your sexuality, it means you can't really confide in her about that kind of things anymore. You have to be strong!!

I cannot believe she's going to buy you some 'books'... WTF? I'm sorry, but that is just so conservative and old-school! If I was you... I'd just let her know that you won't have it happen to you! Tell her straight to her face.

However, she MIGHT be just a bit shocked. She might become more understanding later on, you never know. So you have to wait a bit. And remember, face to face conversations are always better than phone convos.

Take care Max, I really hope you get through this okay. Be strong! And I'm here to talk to if you want! You've got my number.

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Fuck man

Yeah that was just fuckin' wrong of your mom. But it does definatly sound like denial in some respects. She does seem to believe that you're 'just going through a stage' (god I hate that phrase), as suggested by getting you books which allow 'choices'. She might think its a decision. However she does sound as if she could be in shock as well - people do al ot of wierd stuff when they find out. Don't give up yet, just talk to her again in a few days. I'm impressed you tried coming out though - I've been out to most people for 2 years, but still can't tell my mom
As for your sexuality - well you have come across as gay, but if you think you're slightly bi then you probably are. Reading your thoughts more closely I do think you're bi, but with an extreme angle towards guys.

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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And you get to break up on the 6th? You lucky bastard. Still gay marriage becomes legal in 4 days time here!!!! Wooooh!!! Well, ;civil union', but who cares?

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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sigh 18 and still dont have the courage to tell my mom. I envy you so much.

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I too am sorry about the phone conversation with your mom, it sounded really trying. Just don't give up hope that things will get better, they will, even if you have to wade through a lot of shit to get there. Don't go back to harming yourself, it helps no one-it's your mom's problem, nothing's wrong with you. I hate it how when you come out you go through all these hoops of shame, when it's the world that's fucked up. Just remember that you've still got friends who'll be there for you!

And dont' worry, we won't care if you're bi:). I personally think everyone's bi, just to different degrees. Sexuality's too complicated to be black and white!

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