Dear Diary - Ugh.. Sorry for late entry

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Your mom probably does need time to come around to your coming out, I don't think you rushed it though. Give her time, but if she hasn't said anything in a few weeks, then you might want to bring it up, to make sure she isn't denying it.
Impressive amount of prizes by the way
Oh and the chats with lowell - i'm sure your judegrement is right, and i'm sure he is a really great guy - but you really don't want to meet someone you met on the internet for sex, in case fo, well anything. Just a general tip, nothing persoan against lowell

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devildog's picture's like, tomorrow whe's like, tomorrow where you are, but Friday where I am! Whoa, this is creepy...I think it requires caffeine.

I agree, you're mom probably needs more time to sort it all out-even my mom did for a bit. But if the silence goes on for too long, you could always try making the conversation go that way, because she can't deny it forever, you're her son. You could always try educating her on what it means to be gay, since it seems like she doesn't really know the realities.

LOL, you and those friends of yours; you guys always crack me up!

I think I'll go forth in search of coffee...


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Ne how

omg, you sounded so smart in ur journal. O_o
oh well, ur asian so im not that suprised. lmao
btw, how tall are you??