Deep Inside by napalmhamster

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Deep Inside

Inside the whirlwind of my head
I see now that all my feelings are dead
The pain coalesces into hate
For this twisted shit named fate
Inside the sinkhole of my heart
Got to get out, don’t know where to start
Getting sucked down into that abyss
All my thoughts slide into nothingness
Smoke fills the vacuum of my lungs
I’m climbing a ladder with broken rungs
The rush hits me like hammer blows
I’m feeling dizzy; the world around me slows
And now my brain starts to pound
As I spin I fall to the ground
Deep inside I know I’m gone
I’m gone…


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i read alot of ur poems and i like them. i think this one is kool (a little confusing) they seem deep.

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Thank you. This poem basically highlights my struggles with substance abuse. I read alot of your poems too, and I enjoy them a lot.

My mission is to see the world with eyes unclouded by pain, confusion, or hate