Drawing A Blank

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I am lost in my own little world of crazy thoughts and
possibly bad intentions. What those bad intentions are,
I cannot say. I only know that there is this maddening
feeling inside me that keeps telling me "You're going
to fuck something up." Why this feeling is there, I do
not know. Maybe I am not suppose to know. Aggervation
may just be the cause of this recent annoyance.

I was thinking earlier. My mom not accepting the fact
that I am a lesbian adds to the aggervation, crazy thoughts,
and bad intentions. It angers me. Even though it has been
just about a month since I came out to her, she has not
once come back up to me asking anything about the subject.
She says that she would not care, but she does.

I am at a loss of words. The mind is processing, but the
thoughts are not transfering.


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I'm sure you'll start feeling

I'm sure you'll start feeling better soon - after all, a brand new year is about to start! ^_^