Dreams and Ewan McGregor's mole

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Is there some universal agreement, an unwritten code of conduct if you will, between large companies that are meant to deliver expensive goods? Does it say, 'inconvenience the customer at every available opportunity'?

Dreams were meant to deliver a bed today. They decided to phone the mobile phone at 8.15am and leave some sneaky voice mail message that, had we not checked the mobile for separate reasons, would have not been heard. Basically, it said they were going to deliver between 10am and 1pm. Sounds okay? Well it would be, except it had already been stated that due to the fact we have to dismantle the previous water bed (which takes ages) before we could receive the next bed, it cannot be delivered until the late afternoon. Does 10am to 1pm sound like the late afternoon? No.

After arguing, you then ask for the depot's phone number (the manager of the Dreams store is a useless non-entity who simply says "we don't deal with deliveries"), but they said they can't give us the number, which translates to they won't give us the number. So if they do turn up we'll just turn them away, but that does mean my mum has to sleep on an inflatable mattress until the next delivery date. The whole situation has got me thinking I might opt for futons when I get my own house.

Oh, and prior to this, I woke up to the words "Trudi's on the phone from work." Lovely. Apparently they couldn't find a lost debit card I had dealt with yesterday, to which I replied "have you checked the lost property box?" They hadn't. Now I'm sorry, but if someone is looking for some lost property, where is the first place you would look? Fucking useless.

I watched The Island yesterday with Ewan McGregor. I mean he stars in it, not that I watched it with him. I never noticed this in Moulin Rouge, but Ewan has a huge mole on his forehead. I think it played a supporting role. It's ridiculous. I know people talk about being happy with the way they look, blah blah blah, and I'm all for that - but there's nothing vain or sinful about having a mole removed. In fact seeing as it kept distracting me from the film itself and irritated me, I think he would be doing some good for the world.

10.03am. Does anyone else ever get that worrying feeling in their stomach knowing the day has another (Pandora's) box of surprises waiting for you?

Update: The bed was delivered at 12.30, between us we just managed to haul the old bed into the garden in little pieces. Couldn't be bothered to take it to the dump yet so it can just sit on the front lawn for a day. Suffice to say the Dreams team did not get offered a cup of tea.


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Ugh, sorry about the awful de

Ugh, sorry about the awful delivery service-I know how much that sucks. Never, ever, venture into the abyss that is Ikea...*shudders*.

Does Ewan McGregor really have a mole? I never noticed before. That's sort of amusing that it's so horrible you couldn't hear the dialogue...you could probably get away with saying alot if you have a mole:)


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Oh yes, he has a mole. They t

Oh yes, he has a mole. They try to airbrush it out in all his pictures, but here's one example of it still coming through.

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