F*Bombs Are Flying!

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I have been up since 6 o'clock this morning. My friend, Adam was
suppose to fly in from Toronto at 10:30 this morning. Flight 1147.
The fucker overslept and missed his goddamn flight! Me hating cell
phones more than anything in the world, didn't have one with so I
couldn't call him to see why we couldn't find him after an hour of
waiting for him.

At 10:29 he called my mom and told her that he missed the flight!
We not being his family couldn't find out if he was or was not on
that flight. He told my mom that he booked another flight, the 2
o'clock from Toronto. The next flight that was coming in from Toronto
was at 1:30. The bastard wasn't on it. Flight number three from
Toronto came in at 4:30, it was 15 minutes early, but the fucker
still wasn't on it!

Turns out, his fucking flight did land at 2 o'clock, but at MIDWAY
not MSP! Toronto to Midway and from Midway to MSP. 6:30pm. Oh yes.
I'm so fucking thrilled about it. We had to be back at my house, a
nice 2 almost 3 hour drive, by 6. So after we figured out what the
fuck was going on with Adam's flight, we left. It was only 4:45 or
so. Got back home at like 7-7:30.

But the greatest news of it all, I HAVE TO FUCKING GO BACK TONIGHT TO
PICK HIM UP!!! Leaving my house at about a quarter to 11, picking my
brother up from work, then going to his fiances' place of employment
to get some cash, and we're off for the Cities again. And I said that
I'd do the driving, so cross my fingers I don't kill anyone. Not like
anyone's going to be out driving on 494 and 694 at 1 o'clock in the
fucking morning! I'll be back home and definately ready to sleep at
about 3 or 4 am.

What the hell did I get myself into!?!?!?!


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---- Dont try to over rule your heart, its madness to try ----

dudette......ahahahahaha Id drive for u BUT...yeah NO lol. Man what a prick he is...if he knew that he had a flight, why'd he fuckin oversleep! Bastard! LOL Im like, killing ur friend here lol. Meh my life goes on...
Well goodluck with that yeah? let me know how that goes...
much love xoxoxo