Feeling the burn.

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My relationship started over several pints of beer, in a quiet Merchant City. We were both surrounded by our friends and colleagues that evening. I rested my hand on my would be boyfriend and looked at him in the eyes. The evening continued, we were still talking about computers, works, studies and plans for the week.

We finally got to speak our mind when we left the bar. It was like an unspoken promise, it was like I offered my pledge of fealty to Kenny. December 21 is approaching; every magazine and web site is advertising commitment rings, wedding plannings, meringues and morning suits. I follow the development civil partnership and other forms of legal commitment very closely. Right now I am feeling like being left out on the big day. Well December is the big month for all us around. Civil Partnership Act doesn't not just represent the recognition of relationship between couples, but it does represent another step full acceptance of LGBTQ.

I was listening to Dan Savage on Commitment. I was affraid of coming out for the exact reason he was describes. Coming out means missing out on starting a family and marriage. With my parents talking about putting money asside for my brother and I to start our own families. I had always felt an enormous pressure. I spent months researching on social and legal recognitions LGBTQ and their family. I was finally satisfied that I would eventually be protected in the eyes of the law. All I have to do right now is convince my parents that I conduct the rest of my life in an open and ethical ways. Enjoy whatever life would bring.

I couldn't wait to sign off for the week and go out with boyfriend this weekend. My bestfriend and I had promised that we will not pick up another copy of queer mag until we stop feeling left out on this occasion. I am hoping that I would be able to keep that simple pledge I gave to Kenny many weeks ago forever and ever.