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My friend, who I am in love with (yes- it is love, not just a crush), who is straight, and has a boyfriend (sound familiar to anyone?), was flirting with me. She invited me to go see a concert with her and her family, and we flirted the whole time. We were just being silly, and it was fun, but it also hurt. We swapped corny pickup lines, and joked around. After the concert we walked hand in hand back to the car,(note- she does this with most of her friends, so it wasn't anything special for her). I wanted to kiss her, and I wanted to jump off a bridge. I've had a crush on her for over two years, and it won't go away. It won't fade, or leave me. Usually I don't notice it, but on nights like that it just drives me crazy. I love her so much. I would do anything for her, but I can't tell her that, and I can't get over her. I realize that this predicament isn't uncommon, but that doesn't make it any easier, especially when she is flirting with me.


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Yes, I know how you feel. It sucks. Flirting doesn't help much either. *empathetic hug*

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Yep, sounds familiar. I have

Yep, sounds familiar. I have a friend, we fooled around a little last year but she decided she's straight and now has a boyfriend.. but still flirts with me! At school, out in town, at clubs, at sleepovers.. It's so hard not to flirt back or give in..

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i know how you feel,though wi

i know how you feel,though with me it was just a crush( it felt like love at the time, but you know us teenaggers, lol) , i finally excepted i couldn't turn her, and moved on...( still thinks shes hot though!!^_^)
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It's the same for me

Yeh i totally know what you mean. I'm the same with one of my best friends, have been in love with her for over 2 years and my feelings haven't changed at all. I love her and hate her at the same time because of how she just screws with my head. When she flirts with me i normally have to tell her to stop because i can't stand the way that she basiclly controls me. Although i enjoy it, it's not what i want and i know she's just using me.