Front Page not Updating

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Front page isnt updating with new polls and isnt showing me as logged in either new bug i think, atleast i just noticed it

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Hit Shift and F5 -- that shou

Hit Shift and F5 -- that should force your browser to refresh. If that doesn't work, clear out your cache and history.

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While i am here, their is als

While i am here, their is also a bug that once you type something in teh box (for posting) it extends like off the page and is very annoying, i've had this cross-browser, and acorss the different comps i visited (So i am pretty sure its an oasis thing). Also the right tool bar hangs over stuff (Tho that just might be my browser, i think Oasis is more for FF/Opera, WHile i am really stuck on IE till i can get home to my FF comp :P
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