GET MARRIED, USE CONDOMS OR YOU'LL GET SYPHILIS AND DIE! Barralais Critque of the American Sexual Ed Program!

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A long title, forgive me!

For years the American Sexual Education program, has been well sad... ad gross insulting and downright aweful.

While Anti-Drug Programs in our schools have done better and acaully decreased, or helped to decrease drug useage in america, the same cannot be said of sex.

From Advocastes for Youth

"Substantial evidence of the effectiveness of comprehensive sex education has recently emerged. Comprehensive sex ed stresses abstinence and includes age-appropriate, medically accurate information about contraception. Comprehensive sex ed are also developmentally appropriate, introducing information on relationships, decision-making, assertiveness, and skill building to resist social/peer pressure, depending on grade-level.

As part of welfare reform, Congress passed legislation in 1996 allocating $50 million in federal funds for abstinence-only-until-marriage programs—which censor information about contraception. Since then, despite no evidence of the effectiveness of these programs and Americans' opposition to federal funding for them, the government has dumped more and more taxpayer money into unrealistic and unproven abstinence-only programs."

Absitence Only SEX ED is the most common in our schools, for the simple reason of Conversatives

Because of the Phenomamon known as Christ-Marraige-Sheild when a man and women get married, any sex between is protected by a magic sheild that stops the tramutation of STDs hard as it is to believe it is in fact true, or atleast this is what congress would have you to believe.

My Sex Ed Program is already over, it went a litte something like taht (A rahter ugly, and when i say ugly i mean UGLY, ahhh my god, hideous skinny black Christian-Straight (like an ugly version of Condelleza Rice except this chick had an STRD) she comes in and starts talking about sex and what it is (all the time i am trying to conceal my self from laughing and lashing back by her failure t mention gay-anything homosexual but oh well, she talks about than tell her story of her her man chearted on he, got clams and gave it her (She needs to find a better man imho.

i aint no guy of mine gonna be doing anything with some bimbo fag in the back of nightclub) any ways she show of us pics of ppl with STDS (up in their ass, and on their you know whats, horrible just horrible, she gives more lectures ( I KID YOU NOT, How God wants yout to wait until amrriage to have sex, GOD, oh thanks lady, like i need you to tell me what f-cking GOP is shoving down my throat every time i turn on FOX News, she goes on to say how women are used as tools of society and how they have short shorts and all this tuff (I know a few gays who have short shorts and trust me it aint good)she was obviously a feminist, but hey who isnt, pfft women (I am gay and i know feminists, nad live with them so i am totally allowed to say it, one quick question, is evcery lesbian a feminist? Just curious.

it ends with her showing 3 gifts to sybolize what you give your opposite-sex-jesus-worshipping-virgin-straight-conservative other on your honey moon, one all nice (Symbolizing Virgins), one sort of beat up (to Symbolize Re-born virgins), and one that looks like crap to symbolize Non virings who just fucked their couch last night (or something like that).

How do you think AMericans Sex Ed Program is? what is your expierence, share it, and and i will critique (and yes i think Gerlado should be shot)

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I've never even had it before

In middle school, we watched videos about the "changes" we'd be going through during puberty (one was seriously called Raging Teens), which I already knew about, my mother having given me a comprehsive book on the subject when I was 11.

In ninth grade, I did get some in my biology class, but it was strictly scientific, no emotion/psychological information was presented. We learned about sexual intercourse, STD's, and birth control and their effectiveness. Since it's a Catholic school, the teacher brought up the "Catholic" method, but said it was the least effective of all of the things presented.

But in all honesty, I've learned MUCH more from books I've read and feel pretty well informed. School sex programs are shit!


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I had sex-ed courses in 5th g

I had sex-ed courses in 5th grade, 6th grade, 8th grade, and 9th grade, though the 8th and 9th grade courses were actually just "Health Class", which happened to include the sex-ed stuff. I went to an American International school in Singapore (the Singapore American School), so I'm not sure how that affected what we were being taught, but basically, we learned the biological aspects of sex, including about STDs and so on, and then about contraceptive methods and so on. Basically, what we were told was that the only sure way not to get anyone pregnant/get an STD was basically to not have sex, because then obviously nothing related to sex will happen. However, if you're gonna have sex, use condoms and/or other contraceptives and forms of protection (except don't use a female condom and a male condom at the same time . . . they'll be abrasives to each other and break). As for the social aspect, they were basically like, sex is not something you should be pressured into or do to please others (except for whomever you're having sex with). Basically, while boring, the sex-ed program was honest, straightforward, and not controlled by some right-wing nutjob going "JESUS HATES CONDOMS!!!"

In the US, our Health teacher (also the guidance counselor) was a strange mix of super-leftist and super-right-wing beliefs. She was an ultra-feminist and very pro-gay rights and such, very politically correct . . . at the same time, her ideas on sex were basically as such: 1)Abstinence is the only way to go unless you're married, 2)Women should not dress provocatively because they're basically just holding up big signs that say "I'm an Easy Lay!", 3)Condoms work, but not really, 4)You should never feel uncomfortable talking or thinking about sex, but you should also never ever do it unless you're married. It was really weird to have her stand there going on about how horrible our treatment of homosexuals is in today's society, and then in the next sentence tell you about how bad you're being if you dare to have sex before marriage and how you'll almost certainly get one or more debilitating disease and/or pregnant and end up on the streets sucking good citizens' tax money. Go figure.

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At my school, all the girls w

At my school, all the girls watched a video (with parental consent of course) all about the menstrual cycle. In sixth grade, we were shown a different video that told us the exact same thing, only that year the boys got/had to watch a "special" video as well. In 7th grade, we learned more about it in our science class, but we had to have parental consent, yet again. At my high school, all student are required to take a health class in order to graduate. I took the class last year, and I didn't learn ANYTHING about sex. All I learned was don't do drugs, don't smoke, and don't drink. My teacher had been at the school since it first opened in the sixties. He didn't even touch the issue of sex with us. He didn't even go near it. The other health teacher at the school, however, apparently did. My friend had the other teacher and told me the teacher covered abstinance, birth control, safe sex, sexual harassment and abuse, and STDs. So overall, I don't think that I really learned anything from my school's health/sex ed program. I learned ALOt more from the books that my mom gave me when I was 11 than from any of those teachers/videos.

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Here in the U.K we have thankfully managed to miss out on all that abstinance crap (man, I hate that viewpoint). Not that we actually learn anything. We've had barely any sex ed lessons, but at least we don't get taught that sex without a small metal ring on your finger will kill you

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The sex ed program where I li

The sex ed program where I live in Canada isn't bad, it actually gives you LOTS of plausible methods of contraception and STD prevention...but only for straight people. I filled out a form when the lady was done and said that it needed some direction at GLBTQ teens.

And no, not all lesbians are feminists. I am, but my girlfriend isn't. She laughs hysterically when I read feminist magazines and books.


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british sex ed is rubbish, we

british sex ed is rubbish, we get the basics at primary school then its never mentioned again. the existance homosexuality is of course ignored and we are left with a bunch of very confused queer kids sitting amoung the straight kids who everything just clicked for.
and to answer your other question - im a lesbian but im definately not a feminist! they dont automatically go together.

+ if i cant be a good example ill just have to be a horrible warning +

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Here in Australia we did a b

Here in Australia we did a bit on sex in science but nothing to do with homosexuality and then we did a 3 week health course that was supposed to be sex ed but it was really what do guys like in girls and what do girls like in guys. It was so stupid.
B :P

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Hahaha...At my school (gotta

Hahaha...At my school (gotta love those catholic schools) This guy came in and told us if we had sex before marriage our marriages would fail (same for masturbation) and that if we'd already had sex or masturbated we could be born again virgins. He then went on to tell us we should write letters to our future husbands/wives about how we'd saved ourselves for them.

Our guy did mention homosexuality though, and apparently i'm not going to heaven, but I can be healed.

At the end he handed out prayer booklets and chastity charms.

That was the last i've heard....

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Hahahaha! "The Chastity Char

Hahahaha! "The Chastity Charms" sounds like a punk band.

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at my school (U.S. inner-city

at my school (U.S. inner-city public school)
our health teacher gave us hand outs of diagrams of the penis and vagina, and explained each part. she never told us not to have sex, or to have it...just to be careful, and this speaker came in and talked all about stds. the end. our classes are a joke, the teacher gave me permission every day to miss her class. in elementary school, our school dropped the health ed. program the year before us, middle school, they explained sex a very little bit...and talked to the girls and boys separately. in the girls room our p.e. teacher discussed what may happen when we start liking someone. if i remember correctly she never made it seem only fit for heterosexuals...and rumors are that her one daughter is a lesbian, and in the army

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I tend to laugh at my friend'

I tend to laugh at my friend's public school's idea of Sex ed, it is pretty much the abstinance or protection stuff (that stuff bounces off rather easily). My school does things a little more scary. They teach it in religion class, (My school's religion classes are all taught by either perverted ex-priest or the overly giddy theologian but for sex-ed they bring in the bio-teacher who was a forensic lab technician), that makes it amusing to watch. Second after they tell us all the ways to have safe sex (including my personal favorite from the bio-teacher "Simple, the safest sex is cybering, You can't touch him or her and it keeps all the mystery"), they go on about how to say "no". After that they tell us the consequences of Sex and then they bring out the pre-schoolers and the robot babies, we have to take care of those babies and deal with a bunch of misbehaving pre-schoolers. That experience pretty much unlikely to have sex with a male, but that doesn't stop some of my fellow classmates. I say te one my school does is rather affective because our drop out rate is lower then it was back when they did the traditional stuff, the whole baby thing drove my friends nuts.

The whole Catholic Veiw on sex is save for Junior Religion, Just plain sex ed is done in freshmen year. I am a Junior, the Catholic veiw on sex is highly amusing.

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Thanks for all your story thi

Thanks for all your story thingies i think i may end up make a section of them... I need to work on my HTML/XML Skills anyways and i've done nothing with my webspace for ages...
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