Happy Holiday

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There have been so many things to write about. As I promised somebody on here that I will share my coming out story and my views on how media protrays Civil Partnership in UK. Well I finished first part of my essay on Relational Database. I ment to study today and lastnight, but I didn't quite manage that.

I went to see my therapist yesterday. I think the session was totally redundant, after I emptied out all of my thoughts the other day. I headed out to see KennyD and our friends at a bar lastnight. My boyfriend walked me up to my apartment and told me happy holiday.

I went out for lunch with Jamie and ran into Robyn at SBUX in Prince's Square. Jamie was excited about her. I didn't let introduce them after I paged Jamie about Robyn's Boyfriend Chris. I also told him to calm down. (Yep I paged a person, who was on the same couch with me).

Otherwise it been short and very uninteresting week for me. I am not gonna see or talk to any of my friends including Kenny until I come back to my apartment on Wednesday. Past winter breaks I only had my family to think and to care about. This year I have my partner to think about. I couldn't wait until I get home night and I couldn't wait for the break to be over.

Happy Holiday,