has anyone here ever crushed on a teacher? (of the oppoiste sex and now youre totally confused?!?!)

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let me just start by saying that i never ever ever had a crush on an adult (besides celebs) before.
i cant believe it, but i think i might have a crush on my social studies teacher!!!!!
how do you know you have a crush on someone? hes 26...and a GUY!!! (haha that's sort of obvious but im still a little shocked...and confused) i've never had a crush on a guy.... at first i was really disgusted with myself like eew why am i staring at him like that?! like i just think hes really handsome and intelligent and sorta hot (blushes in embarrassment) but i DONT fantasize about him at all like i do with my other crushes that i can never stop thinking about...that are girls...
does this mean that there might be a chance that im bi? because i know for a fact that im ANYTHING BUT STRAIGHT! or is this just a 'phase'?!
help me!!!
i thought i had my sexuality totally figured out!!!!!!!!!!

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i've crushed on teachers of the same sex before.

i still have a penchant for geeky boys with glasses due to my one math teacher.

mmmmmMMMmMMMmmmm. he was so cute =P

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why is no one replying?! :-(

why is no one replying?!
i need help please!! before i have class next week!!!

i know you hear me...i can taste it in your tears

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Sometimes it's extremely difficult to differentiate between a crush and admiration or just general fondness - especially with student/teacher situations.

I have a crush on a teacher, too. And it sucks.

If you're not fantasizing about him and stuff, perhaps it isn't more than admiration? But really: if it's a crush, it's a crush. I wouldn't base your entire sexuality on it. Nor would I stress over labels too much.

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I agree that it is probably more admiration. I know I've had similar feelings towards teachers--I think it is a crush, and then come to realize that I just have a lot of respect for him/her.

Also, people have lots of crushes for different reasons-- and these "crushes" aren't always sexual.

Hope that helps.

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All the male teachers are old

All the male teachers are old men. eww. But there is a hot teacher I would go straight for, she's this hot 20 somehing year-old spanish teacher.

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No worries

Hey you can’t worry about this too much, at the root of it all sexuality is fluid. This could just be a slight attraction to someone you look up to for there intelligence, we have all gone through that. This is nothing to worry about. I think anyone who has gone to a school with a younger teaching staff has fancied at least one of them, male of female. So don’t worry about it, like all crushes after his class you’ll feelings will subside and it will just be a funny memory. Trust me ;).

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I seem to have the same probl

I seem to have the same problem. Ah.. Mr.Pizon. He was my Bio teacher last year. I'm still oddly attracted to him. Maybe it'll cool down. I mean, mine did. Your sexuality isn't black and white..this is just a gray area.

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