Hello ((Dating Update)) ! ! ! Also How I Met Her ! ! !

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Well I have recently decided to try and see if a girl in my school is single as in other journal entry's i have said she's a lesbian. Well i have a really close bond with one of my teachers and she said in a note a had written her that "Not That I Know Of." So I am assuming to the best of her knowledge the girl i like is single. I walked in on the tail-end of a conversation the girl i like was talking in. I from now on will refer to her as T. Well it is a Family Planning class. Apparently one of the kids asked if males can fake an orgasm. They all were commenting and T had said yes they can. My teacher told me later that day what i had just written was why T said the next thing. My teacher asked T if she was the male or female in the relationship. Well i was there for this statement T made that come on (insert teacher name) what do you think. I like my women to be feminine like i said she is kinda androgynous. I also found out she has certain issues with being touched and that she has problems with it but that her women were fine and very female and then the guy in the back started playing a cd in a boombox. It was Pretty Woman~Lyle Lovette T said (Pretty Woman Walking Down The Street Like To Smell Her Feet) jokingly with a big smile on made me smile and laugh alot i went back to the room i came from and they didn't know why i was smiling and laughing to myself.

In another journal i explained how my school works basically a morning and afternoon program i am afternoon T is morning. I go to my class in the afternoon which is her's in the morning cause we have this cafe like a small cafeteria. We get 2 dollars from the school to buy food to eat as lunch and if our behavoir was good we get a full $2.00's if we were absent like $1.50 or a $1.00. Our teacher or teacher aide has to write the amount and sign their signature to make sure we didn't fill it out. I am the one who goes and gets the money for the kids in my class filled out and sometimes T or other kids are there. That is actually the first time i met T. The radio was on and i had walked in and was standing there while my teacher filled it out. The song playing was Here We Go Again~Trina & Kelly Rowland she knew every word to the song it was so cute she was wearing a white tee baggy darkish lightish blue jeans and a black cap. I thought she looked so fine especially since she had been sweeping the room and had the end of the handle of the broom singing into it it was so cute made me smile I think i was hooked in those few moments i had met her. I left before the song was over and couldn't get her or that song her voice movements with the broom out of my mind. Well there you go sorry i wrote so much but i got to thinking and i couldn't stop.


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That's very exciting! Now all you have to do is really find out if she's single, and then ask her out. :) Luck!

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Hey :-)

Thanks i never actually thought my life was remotely exciting but it seems to be perking up lately. Now that i have gotten into my skin a little more. Thanks for the encouragement also and i hope i have the courage to find out before the end of the week. Since i have a weeks Christmas Vacation. Big things can happen over that time so i wanna make sure i don't lose the foothold i have now.

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