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I think I'm trans (mtf), but I'm not sure. The more I read up about it, the more everything I've done (crossdressing, wearing makeup, etc.) makes sense. But there is still one really big confusing factor: I'm bisexual, but my preference still lies a lot more with girls than it does with guys, even though often times I wish I were a girl. Is there any sure way to tell whether I'm trans or not? I'm so damn confused!!


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I'm no expert, but I have met

I'm no expert, but I have met bisexual people who were trans, it's not uncommon I think. Don't worry so much, if this is what you're heart tells you don't try to fit into a rigid set of rules-everyone's different.


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Remember, gender and sexual o

Remember, gender and sexual orientation are independant of eachother. I know plenty trannies who go from straight whatever to gay whatever.
Like this one trans guy I know who was born a female, who also has a boyfriend.

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