Hey (Better Later Than Never)

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Well since i last post i have had my computer reformated so i can post at home. I couldn't post at school again because apparently they blocked this site from being accessed. But now i should be able to make back to back entry's. Well i remember that one of you asked what my school is like. Well basically there are two diffrent programs a morning and afternoon. As us kids in the afternoon are referred to as (2-6) and the morning (The Day Kids). Which has been since the first day i got their. Their are 88 kids in the whole school. Roughly about 20 in the afternoon and the rest day. WE have Cosmetology, Cooking, Gym (But Less Physical), History regular class and the rest of the subjects we do independantly if we need help we ask the aid or head teacher. IT is more relaxed than a regular high school.There is a hands off policy. Most kids are on probation or have drug problems severe or mild emotional problems. A handful of kids have social anxiety including me. The teacher student relationship is blurred to a certain point we can have regular conversations about almost anything. Respecting the boundaries though. I mostly talk with the teachers and aids and a couple of students but that's my school i'll go into detail on other journals about each teacher aid and what happens daily on my busride and classes.