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Well right now i am at my alternative school and this kid just got busted for some stuff he brought tom school and is really whirling over it. I think they called the cops but he is a good guy just has some problems. MY schoool is diffrent but very lovable for most gay/bi/les/trans kids. I know this one girl but she is probally with a girl. Too bad she is very cute. Dresses like a guy but if you are into girlsthan you can tell a mile away. But her hair is shaved on the sides baggy jeans big shirts.You get the picture a tomboy. Most people here don't know i am bi but two teachers and my friend. Well if anyone reads this i will be writing more so you can get to know me and my fabulous school life. Have fun be great peace.


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hey welcome to oasis. my sch

hey welcome to oasis. my school would freak if a girl showed up looking like that.

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Lol, wow, first off welcome, and I just today bared my new shaved sides (thick mohawk rather) to school, some people liked it and some people gave me looks :-P and a couple people "touched" it xD personally though, I think girls look good with the sides shaved/mohawks and or funky colors ^^; sorry, tend to babble, but either way, Ello :-P

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hey welcome! im into girls li

hey welcome! im into girls like that too...people at my school would flip if they saw someone like that there...so theres not really many of them. they'll come around eventually lol

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Welcome! What's your alternative school like? Aside from being queer-friendly, I mean. Well, keep posting!

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Hey, welcome to Oasis:). LOL,

Hey, welcome to Oasis:). LOL, I'm also into tomboy/punk girls...there's like this otherworldly quality to androgyny. Anyways, hope to hear more from you!


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to Oasis. I hope you'll find it a wonderful place to be and communicate and connect with others. I look forward to future updates on the excitements of your life. :) Sounds fun.

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