I CANNOT be bi!!!!

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Oh God, I think I'm bi. Not that bi people are bad or anything, I have absolutely no problem with them, it's just the backlash of my reputation (AHAHAHA, what reputation?!) might receive. Most people know I'm gay, and one guy even asked me if I was bi and I said no. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!!! I sincerely apologize for the profanity, I barely ever swear, but I'm in a bit of a pickle right now. Man, what am I going to do? There's this guy I want to ask out, but if I do, people are going to say, "Well, i thought you were gay." and then I have to say, "No, I'm bi" which seems like juat a lame excuse and I said I was gay to get attention.

You know what? Fuck it, I don't care what people think, they can just...ahem, screw themselves if they think I'll get all weird over them.


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you came out as gay not carin

you came out as gay not caring what others though, just wanting to be yourself. if being yourself is bi tyhen go for it. or just tell them you are gay. just say, "hey im a lesbian with a boyfriend - big deal! im attracted to this guy and i wont let my sexuality restrict me from being with him." a simple " i dont care what or who you do in your bedroom, so stop interfering with mine" will also shut them up. just be firm - you dont need to define yourself as gay or bi, go with the flow.

+ if i cant be a good example ill just have to be a horrible warning +

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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Aww, thanks! I'm feeling a lo

Aww, thanks! I'm feeling a lot more confident now anyway, but that boosted it alot more!

*When you're embarrassed, I'll be your pride...
When you need directions, I'll be your guide..*

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This happened to me

And it really is a headfuck. If you're intent on labelling yourself, changing your public identity on the basis of a single attraction isn't a good idea. As rowie said, "lesbian dating a guy" might work better and he gets to feel extra special because he's the exception to the rule ;-)