I had a great time with him.

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The freshaman from previous entries worked with me today.
I was shocked, into a brief silence the instance I saw him
enter the working area.
He wasn't mean this time.
He worked well, and listened to me.
He did what I asked, and did it with respect.
Near the end of his work time he started playing.
I didn't mind though. A few smacks on the ass with a towl
was no big for me.
Or the time he undid my apron then redid it,
without mentioning that he was going to tie it
around my leg. LOL
That took a while to get off.
I came up with the idea not to take my break until he left,
that way I could eat with him.
He came back with a plat of one potato scoop and a small
scoop of corn.
I said if I could eat like that, boy. Meaning eat so little.
He said what you think you fat.
I said I know I'm fat.
He didn't say anything.
I wanted to ask him if he did anything
special to keep his weight but I didn't
We talked about his dogs. after talking about pets in general.
He showed me pictures of his dogs, taken on his cell phone.
I took my hat off, the stress always seems to build under it.
I ran my hands through my hair for a minute or so, basking
in the freedom of touching my hair. I couldn't stop.
I know that he was saying sometihng to me, I apoligized.
Cause when something like that happens I just get so spaced out.
I told him that my hair is like my weakness. How it feels so good
to me for someone or something to be run through it. He asked me
if I like coming my hair alot I don't normally come my hair.
He asked me if I liked to do it after showers and I said yes.
I told him how I used to become really happy on the days the
lice lady would check our hair way back when, cause it
always felt so good when she checked for the lice.
He laughed, I could tell he was having troubles.
He wanted to laugh loudly I could tell he was trying
hard to keep it down. He couldn't look at me straight.
It seemed his eyes filled with some emotion registering only
to him. He kind of fidgeted.
He showed me a girl he had taken ap picture of on his cell phone.
A girl he didn't know. He asked me what I thought.
I said she didn't seem all that hot.
I played the part of stud, saying, hey if you get laid, you get laid.
I was shocked abruptly when he said some seconds later,
A pussy doesn't have a face.
He said she gave him her email addy. ect ect.
Then I remembered that he actaully wanted MY email addy and
reminded him so.
He went to get paper and pen.
I thought I felt something touch my hair.
There is was, again, I looked behind to my left. Nothing.
I feel it again, this time on the other side.
I look behind to my right. Nothing.
I feel it again!!
I turn fully around seeing nothing, I look down and
there he is. He looks up and smiles his good smile.
I can't help but smile myself. A really big smile.
I tell him that that wasn't funny, he said
acutally it was. I agreed silently.
he sat back down in his seat.
I gave him my addy.
When he went to get more food, he made like he was
going to get more, but just went around and came back
to me, did the same thing with my hair again.
I like him. I just don't know about him though.
I think he's out of my league, and it seems like everyone is.
But I will let him flirt. Maybe I'll flirt back.


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Aw, that's sweet:). I think y

Aw, that's sweet:). I think you should get up the courage and go for it-too many people are shy and let their oppurtunities pass (like me...*sigh*).


I’m not as sad as Doestoevsky,
I’m not as clever as Mark Twain,
I’ll only buy a book for the way it looks,
And I'll stick it on the shelf again.
-Belle and Sebastian

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I just read ALL your blog ent

I just read ALL your blog entries in one go. Let me start by saying... What a complex and interesting mind you have! Your feelings for the boys and yourself is BEAUTIFUL! So true and artistic.

Anyway, this boy at your work seems very adorable! How he would play with you... Maybe he's interested, you never know! I'd suggest you start by coming out to him. Right now, because he doesn't know if you are gay or not, he's only playing with you to test the water. He's afraid that you might hurt him, because you may not be gay. But if you put yourself right in front of him as a gay person, he'll know that you are not afraid to show him who you are, therefore the trust between you guys will be stronger, and he might find it easier to show you how he really feels.

Who knows...something beatiful might happen. Good luck!

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I enjoy your compliment.:)
suggestion is heard, but I don't know if I've got the guts! :S
Its the little things that make the big things.

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That's so sweet! Here's your

That's so sweet! Here's your chance!