I Have Acute Nasopharyngitis

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Sounds scary doesn't it? Fear not, it means I have a cold. Albeit a fucking annoying one.

I cannot stop sneezing! Now usually the feeling of sneezing is quite a nice one - but there is too much of a good thing, and every fifteen minutes is too much. I am sure everyone can understand the frustration of when you are SO close to sneezing and then it just cuts out. I feel bitterly disappointed. And sniffing, I cannot abide sniffing, but I cannot breathe through my nose. And I generally feel groggy.

Went to dad's today - was nowhere near as awkward as I had expected it to be. His house is simply gorgeous, rich bastard. He gave me £100 which helps me through the rest of this month. The village he lives in was coated in snow and it looked beautiful, like those English villages you find on postcards.

Alcohol levels have dropped slightly, sugar levels remain immeasurable, and will do for some days. Alcohol level will spike to dangerous levels as we see in the new year, that should be fun. If I feel sick on New Years Eve I will be severely pissed off.

It's times like now though that I could really do with someone to snuggle up with.


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me too

gah, i feel just like you, its like im constantly crying

eh, what're ya gonna do...