I love Snow days!

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I not only love snow days but I love shopping on snow days. I just went shopping the other day, bought the cutest swetter at Pennies, 13.95 on sale from fifty!. I'm a real bargin hunter. I espicially love getting compliments. I could never gloat though, I think thats being too self absorbed.

OOOh yeah, I skipped 6th hour yesterday and went to beaners with a couple friends. I normally NEVER skip, bu since It dousnt hurt my record cuz of friends in the attendence, it usually doesn't matter.


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Snow days are pretty cool. We're getting out an hour early at my school cuz tha idiots at the board office couldn't figure out that if it snows all day then at the end of school the roads are gona suck. I don't know why they made us come here anyways.

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