i wish he was gay

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today was the second last day of school.. there was a student concert, and I stood right behind this guy in my class that I like.... a lot.. he has the coolest hair, and the greatest body. sort of a jock.. anyways.. There I stood, every1 was pushing from behind to get closer to the stage, and I found myself only inches from him... smelling his hair, staring at his body, resisting to touch. it felt like an eternity... before the song ended..

then he suddenly backed up a bit, and bumbed into me... I blushed.. he just smiled, and started making his way to the back of the crowd, in pursuit of a girl I know he has a thing with (these girls tell me everything...) And there they went...

I just feel empty.



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That was an excellent description of something a lot of us/people in general experience regularly. I'm sorry about your straight crush; I got one too. (Ooh! Let's see who can get more! The one with the most at the end of the game wins!) Try not to feel so empty. Maybe if you worked on filling yourself up with other things, doing other things, it would be better?

Are you hanging on to something useless just because you think it's beautiful?
--William Zinsser

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laser caper

I say we get a BIG laser (all good plans need a laser) and zapp the whole lot of 'em with the gay gene. Sure the whole human race would slowly die out but it would be worth it.

i've been trying to suppress the feelings i have for the straight types, but they just keep erupting out again like a closet too full of junk. mmmm maybe i need one of those space bags... you know the ones that takes all the air out of jackets and teddy bears?.

*sigh* Europe T.V. is eating my brain

anyway back to it, stay strong and well good!
'cause being a pair makes you twice as tall

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The solution is evensimpler than that. Just kill the girl. And every other girl in the world. Then he'll have no choice. But the gay gene laser might help as well

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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thanks for the support


and I am feeling kinda Homo(cidal) hehe..


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aww man

once in english, the girl im totally obsessed with, JG bumped into me and I looked into her eyes and blushed...She just walked away.........
I felt so lonely after that... I know how you feel man.

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