"If you were normal you would be dating boys..."

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I haven't written in the longest time, so here it goes. I was going to go out on my first date with a girl this weekend (she had to cancel because she's too busy), and my parents totally wigged. Mostly because we had had, "this conversation last year, and we had agreed that you probably shouldn't date girls until your in college." Ok, just to clarify: THEY decided last year that I shouldn't date girls (my mother said that I could go out on dates with my guy friends...obviously she doesn't get the point of dating in the NEW millenium...) until I was in college. They had this major shitfest about how it was a big step or a big leap for us all to make...ok, MY STEP, MY FRIGGIN' LEAP! Eventually, after many tearful pleadings they gave in, but it did nothing to disperse my father's confusion over a "subject we had already dealt with," and my mother's tearful musings and worryings. They're totally supportive of me, but it doesn't mean they understand. My mom started contemplating all these wild and crazy things that my dating would open up, and I told her that it was a date, a normal thing that teenagers do, and that everyone is open to as much heartache or ridicule as the next, to which she responded, sadly and not maliciously, "If you were normal you would be dating a boy. This isn't within my frame of reference." So if it isn't within her frame of reference it's weird or something? Whatever I'm just pissed and resentful...atleast they gave in....

And I'm starting to like when of my really good friends, who has a boyfriend, but I know that she's definately interested in me...we had this thing in october, in which I had to stop before it went any further. Hopefully I'll suck it up and get over it.


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Technically, dating boys isn'

Technically, dating boys isn't in your "frame of reference". It's just as abnormal for you to date a boy as it would be for your mom to be dating girls.