Ignus Fortudus (Fool's Fire)

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Ignus Fortudus
(Fool’s Fire)

I was once a slave to the Ignus Fortudus,
That inexorable drug,
That temporary happiness,
That quick fix.

Little by little, bit by bit, it destroyed me,
I was consumed by it,
I was blinded by it,
I was dependent on it.

I finally escaped the tightening grip,
But there is nothing left.

A burnt out shell,
The remains of what was once a pure human being.


Another victim of the Fool’s Fire


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did u write this? its awesome either way. if u wrote it then u have a future in writing. luvs it

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Yes, I did write this.

My mission is to see the world with eyes unclouded by pain, confusion, or hate
Fear can either rule, ruin, or enrich your life.