Is anybody home?

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I just got back into Glasgow today. Spending time at home
can be a bit boring. Although I dread to go back to school works,
sitting around all days did actually drove me mad. I got all sorts
of things that I am less than willing to share with Grandpa.

I do really miss my boyfriend and other people in town. I always treasure
my independence. I am yet to gain autonomy, I am looking forward to my
first jobs and also graduation.

Many places in Glasgow is still close for holiday. I only got a 20 pound
Scotts in my wallet right now. I don't really know when the bank is gonna
open. I really need to cash my allowence checks to pay all the bills.
I bought four CD's earlier and some glues to fix my headphone. It had
been months since I used my CD player and I don't even know where I
put the remote control. My fridge is half empty.

I used to take two weeks off for the winter break, but this year
I have to return to work right after Christmas. I would be in Thailand in
two weeks time to short things out with between my mom and my dad.

I hope mom would release her joint account with my dad. So I can get
ridded the student loan and credit card loans for good. Every month
has been struggle for me financially. I know she has been doing this to
get a revenge off my dad but I also suffer from this. My dad anxiety is
getting worse everyday. I can only pray and hope things can turn out better.