Kelly Armstrong, Anne Rice, Dr Susse

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Hey, Yea I'm new here but I love books. I love Anne Rice, and Kelly Armstrong though I've not yet read industrial Magic. I don't know of any lesbian fiction which in my oppinio is so sad. Even a rag book would be awsome! Dose anyone know of any good Lesbo books? Novels, not like pent house or anything=} I want something skillfully written. I also looke kids books and stuff like Dr. Susse, and Jan and Stan Bearnstien. I'm a dork I know but theres just happieness in those books ya know?

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Hey :-)

Well my favorite lesbian book is Keeping You A Secret by Julie Anne Peters. I also like as second Annie On My Mind i found it was a little draging in the beginning but then picks up just my opinion. But the first i suggested is skillfully written emotional funny sweet love story. Feel free to hit me up anytime.
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She sounds awsome

I looked her up and I'm getting a couple of her books now.

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Ya know the other GBLT groups I used to belong to seemed not to be very book oriented people. I likes it here!:D

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My mind would be so ...empty... without books. So would my heart, I think.

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I am in Sydney, and i cant fi

I am in Sydney, and i cant find this book, "Keeping you a Secret", in the stores. It looks like its really good. I am going to order it off Amazon, I have decided.

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"They Say She Tastes Like Hon

"They Say She Tastes Like Honey" by Michelle Sawyer

Bought it, read it, loved it. Decently written and keeps you wanting more after every page you read. Definately a must read.

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READ KEEPING YOU A SECRET i dare you not to love it!

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lesbian books

'Zami: a new spelling of my name' by audre lorde is amazing. audre lorde in general is amazing.
'stir-fry' by emma donoghue was pretty good. i think that 'hood' by donoghue is overrated though it seems to come up on a lot of lesbian fiction lists...

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My order of "Keeping yopu a S

My order of "Keeping you a Secret" just came in-its so good! Touching, tender, and softly sad...but I haven't finished it yet! Great book.

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I was gonna reccomend anythin

I was gonna reccomend anything by Julie Anne Peters, but it seems that's happened already. I also recommend The Realm of Possibility I forget who it's by.

And did you mean Dr. Seuss?

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I LOVE Julie Anne Peters, she

I LOVE Julie Anne Peters, she's my favourite author. I can't say enough good about her. I've read "Keeping you a Secret" 3 times and it never gets old. I also liked "Moshpit" but can't for the life of me remember who wrote it. Oh, well...