Left Behind In California, With Sad Boys In My Head

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I haven't been sleeping well-my poor body is racked by the emotional winds of the people around me due to my depression. I'm normally VERY sensitive, but this is just extreme. The smallest things can make me cry. And so I've been having very strange dreams, and last night's was a killer.

I dreamed I was a boy in nineteenth century Germany who secretly cross-dresses in the attic where his awful stepmother has put him to live in, thinking him incapable. Now, he falls in love with a painter who lives on the other side of the city, so he dresses up as a woman to "woo" him and models for him. Then somehow the stepmother finds out this secret, and all Hell breaks loose on my poor boy.

Now if that isn't one weird awesome dream I don't know what is. It's inspired me so much I'm writing a story entirely based on it (I'm writing it as we speak...well, actually I'm taking a break, but anyways). The young boy's name is Adrian McCarthy, and the painter he loves is David something or other, I'll get a last name soon. I'm very excited about it, it's going to be cool.

I've also spent the last few days working on my new website showcasing all my writing (if you want to see this construction site, click here). I'm trying to make it better than my last one and more professional looking (it sucked), so hopefully it'll get to be at least functional, if not "spiffy," I dare say.

Today my sister left for Chile to visit my step-mom Lorena's family. I'm not remotely well enough to go, so I was stuck at home alone all day while my mom took her to LAX. Out of fear I stayed, since normally airports stress me out enough, thank you very much. I don't want to have a panick attack and stress everyone out more.

Tomorrow my mom's going to take me to Amoeba (the largest indie music store IN THE COUNTRY! I'm already preparing my list!). That'll be fun, I've been spending some two and a half weeks stuck at home feeling like dog shit.

I was also a real dork yesterday and submitted a question at belleandsebastian.com for their Q&A page, which they answer every day. I'm still waiting for a reply...*laughs*. Am I completely obsessed or what?

Anyways, I hope to post up the first part of my story tonight or tomorrow for ya'll to see. I hope you like it, and it isn't too weird for you*smiles cutely*. LOL




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Crazy Dream

Crazy dream, at least you got some inspiration from it. I can't wait to read the new story I'm sure it will be great!

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Ameoba is awesome!! I live half of my life in Berkeley, and one of the bennefits is living near great indie record stores. I love you're new story, by the way.