Lesson to be learned

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KennyD came to say hey before he went home. I should've walked him home. After all hard works in the server room. The very least I could've done was to walk him home. I think he both can catch up with what've been happening over the weekend. But I couldn't because I still had some readings to do and books to be taken back to the library. Well I have been in front of this computer, since 1 p.m. and it is quarter past six. I felt like have done very little. I only wished that I was a bit less distracted today. I should've gone to the library to take care of those books in the morning, then spend the rest of the day wisely.

I am feeling guilty for not being able to walk KennyD home and for not using my ability to the greatest extend to perform my duty. Oh well college lifestyle and student life mentality do get the better of me too many times.

Right now I am not the only person that suffers consequences, but also my boyfriend the man I love.


p.s. that's another candle to be lit this Sunday.