:( lonely :(

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ok so sometimes i get really lonely. Everyone i tell tell me that i shouldnt ant to grow up to find someone. But I do!!!
i want to be able to go to somone when i get upset and they will be there for me! I mean yeah i can get that from my parents but its not the same. Sometimes i get so lonely that i feel like i have no reason to live.Can somone please help me!!

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You can PM me

If you need someone to talk to.

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:( i think we all go thru som

:( i think we all go thru something like that... but thats just me... anyways i hate it too >< i have to deal with the same stuff im sorry you have to too =( and if you want you can PM me anytime and ill answer it asap ( i check messages when i wake up and when i go to sleep at the very least)
t('.' )z You know... I could watch my Kirby avatar run all day...

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We all go through patches lik

We all go through patches like that. I go through patches when I don't want my girlfriend to even touch me. It passes, trust me. ^_^ *Sends hugs*


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*hug* you can talk to me if you need help...you can PM me if you want someone to talk to, okay? :)
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Loner too

If when ever you are feeling down and lonely
stop and look around you. Look at the color of the sky
the trees, and bushes, the color in the flowers.
Look at how much beauty there is in the world.
The wonderful things around you. The little child who
giggles in the play ground. The sound of soft music
comming from the house next door or car in the parking lot. The sound of
the wind gentle against your ear. The smile of a child
when he looks at you. All the things around you are
in some way beautiful. Including you. You are
the most beautiful of all as you are unique. No one
is like you. No one has your smile. There fore life
in and of itself is always worth living and worth living
to its full ability of you yourself. When your down and out
think of these things, I know its hard to do but
you are never lonely then. You are not alone.
We are all here together one for all and all for one.
You are loved.
Old Fox Bob

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I feel the same way, if only

I feel the same way, if only my friends weren't sick of me complaining. I wish someone was here to help me 2.

the easiest way is not the best way, the best way, is the hardest way to live, you get more out of life, you get more out of yourself

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I know what you mean. It sort

I know what you mean. It sorta feels like people just don't understand that need. I do. I'm sorry that you have to feel like that. It does pass eventually. Hope ya feel better soon!

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