Lots of new things....and comments pretty please?

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Been messaging Lesley back and forth over the week. I am falling more and more in love with her every day. We share common ground with a lot of stuff, but I think I scared her off. I talked about my mom (just slightly, not the big bad stuff) but it was still pretty heavy. I hope I didn't scare her. She's a great girl, and apparently she doesn't have any close friends (which I desperately hope I can be one day) and we've kind of been connecting.

In other news, I am sitting on this chair right now, wearing my brand new boxer briefs. *does a crazy little happy dance* So happy. My dad was soooooo cool about it too. I came up and asked him, giving him the real reason why I wanted to wear them: Briefs give me a serious wedgie, and he was like, "okay, we'll go when we can." So yesterday, went with dad to do backups at work, then went to greensboror to circuit city to get Kelsie (my sister) a laptop. Which she did, and it's really cool. Also went to the movies today. Rachael (my other sister) saw Harry Potter again, Kelsie and I went to see the Family Stone. It's a very god movie, quite funny and poingnant(sp???). Features a happy and in love gay, bi-racial couple; I was proud, but it has this one scene that's incredibly uncomfortable to watch. I'm not going to tell a lot about it, but just kind of makes you squirm, Sarah Jessica Parker has that weird gift of acting really, really uptight. Also, be careful of seeing it if you've recently lost a loved one. Diane Keaton's character passes away at the end. It's not sappy or anything, but if it brought tears out of me, it's good and tear-jerking. Another thing, Rachel McAdams in that movie summed up in about three words: Hot, funny, adorable. She is so awesome in that movie, she stole all the scenes she was in...except for maybe the ones Claire Danes was in....nah, it was Rachel all the way. To sum up, it was a great movie, *kind* of predictable plot, but still great, might tear up your heart.

Okay, boxer-briefs. Went to Wal-mart, got some Hanes, my dad was cool, wearing them right now.

The End.


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hey, boxer breifs= awesome!!

hey, boxer breifs= awesome!! haha...good luck with the girl, you probably didn't scare her too bad but i dont know the details or anything...